Das Internat: Thriller (German Edition)

Christmas in Passmore (Passmore #2) . Two years ago, Leroy Sangrille, a werewolf, ran away from home, unable to cope any more with his father's abuse.

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Both were supposed to have been born in South America. The two settled in Aachen, close to the western border with Belgium, where Mr. Anschlag studied mechanical engineering. With the birth of a daughter their German disguise was complete. The couple moved to a popular neighborhood of Meckenheim, a small town of 24, inhabitants close to the former West German capital of Bonn. There they lived discreetly.

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Neighbors describe them as friendly, if a bit distant. For their informant, the couple managed to recruit a Dutch diplomat, says the German Attorney General.

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Among the topics covered within those documents were issues relating to Russia. The files were delivered via "dead mail boxes," according to official charges, to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service in Moscow. The couple apparently received further commands through an agent radio network and sent their own messages via satellite and through an internet video platform. When they were arrested in October , the German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that the woman was sitting in front of a shortwave receiver, writing down secret messages. At that point the pair was living in a house in Michelbach, a small community in the German state of Hesse.

The husband was arrested on the same day kilometers miles away in the town of Balingen.

For days thereafter, German criminal officers - with the help of special electronic devices - searched the house and the foundation of the supposed "agent couple. How can it be that the Russian agents could work in Germany for so many years without their cover being blown?

A neighbor in Michelbach claims to have recognized the pair's eastern European accent. The story about the "Austrian" couple's Latin American origins appeared suspicious, some now say, as did a few of the pair's habits. But it wasn't the observant group of neighbors who tipped off German investigators, according to reports, but US intelligence services. Not long ago the German government made an open appeal to exchange both agents. The exchange would have been for agents who had been working for a news outlet with close ties to Germany. While the deal never materialized, it has since been speculated as to whether the couple might still be exchanged.

During their trial the couple will exercise their right to remain silent, the lawyer said. A scandalous defamation, say critics both at home and abroad. Western intelligence agencies are quietly at work supporting the Syrian opposition from Turkey. While governments officially deny involvement, media reports paint an ever clearer picture. Now beloved of fashion designers and digital entrepreneurs, Berlin of yore teemed with spy catchers, serial killers and gentlemen bandits - some real, some imagined.

Despite tensions, Merkel and Pompeo underscored the "close friendship" between their two countries during the US secretary of state's visit to Berlin. Earlier, Pompeo slammed authoritarianism in Russia and China.

The chancellor has called on politicians to rethink restrictive arms export policies, arguing they are not in Germany's best interest. She made the case for more engagement in Africa's Sahel region. Emmanuel Macron's allegation the alliance is brain-dead has raised more questions about the French leader's own state of mind than about NATO. DW's Teri Schultz looks at the aftermath of the Macron blast.